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  • I didn't receive an order from the product I bought what should I do?
    Thank you for ordering one of my products! Please make sure to check you SPAM-folder first, the email containing the download links might be in there. If thats not the case shoot me over an email with your Paypal receipt so I can send you the order manually. Please note that this might take over 48 hours as I have tons of regular emails everyday. Thank you for understanding.
  • Can I use your free instrumentals for a commercial project?
    No, the rap beats I post on my social platforms are only for non-commercial demo use. If you intend to make profit off my beats, purchase a license in my store. Please be aware that re-selling my instrumentals without vocal recordings is not allowed in any case or scenario. I pursue cases like this legally on a regular basis.
  • Are the voice tags removed from the rap beats once bought?
    Only if the stems/trackout is bought otherwise it's one tag in the beginning of the beat, the voice tags simply exists in order to prevent theft of my instrumental compositions. Once you purchase the instrumental you shall recieve an email download link to the files of an one tagged beat or stems.
  • I don't like the beat I bought / I bought the wrong beat, can I get a refund?"
    Beats are automatically sent, I will not refund your purchase after completion. I only refund double orders of the same instrumental that happens by accident.
  • Do you offer and bundle deals or discounts on your beats? Sound kits?
    Yes, deals and discounts are offered every month and is shown on the main page of my website or social media.
  • How often do you upload new content on your website?
    I upload new beats and remixes daily. Usually around three to five tracks a week. So be sure to check back regularly or follow on any social media!
  • Can you make me a custom beat/remix?
    Yes I can, head over to my "Services" section for more info.
  • Musicality can I use your beats/remixes/music for....?
    Of course you can, but only if you give me proper credit/links to the music you have in whatever you may be doing and mention my name. Feel Free to message/tag me if you would like me to see your end product.
  • Are your Loop & MIDI Kits Royalty Free?
    Loop & MIDI Kits are Royalty Free for selling beats that have the Loop/MIDI Files. This includes Basic Leases up to Exclusive online. As for placements with major artist and or major record labels, all of the contained samples/files must be cleared with Musicality BEFORE seeking profit. All files put in kits are 100% owned by Musicality unless otherwise said.
  • Would I need to clear the samples from any of these kits from you?
    Yes, Musicality is entitled to a royalty/performance split percentage if the beat gets placed with a major artist or major label. Due to producers uploading beats using the sounds, the credit is not mandaory unless stated otherwise.
  • What DAW do you use?
    FL Studio 21 Producer Edition from Imageline.
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