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I have been a friend and client of DeMarkus for 3 years and since day one I have been in complete and utter awe of his musical capabilities. He is professional, timely, wise, and just an overall joy to work with. He is not a beat maker, he is a true artist.

Artist / Songwriter - Kiilanda


Musicality has been one of the best producers I've heard. After scheduling a one hour conversation with him, he answered all of the questions I've ever had to ask him. It felt satisfying to talk to a professional producer who I knew could also help me grow in my career as well. The one hour conversation was absolutely satisfying and amazing! I look forward to working with him on projects in the future!

Music Producer - Lord Nekros


Talent. Enthusiasm. Imagination. Dedication. Those 4 words describes musicality very well in my opinion. Amazing producer to work with. Always ready to work and can adapt to any request and person he works with. A 5-star producer that deserves more recognition.

Rapper - Chaos Network


Musicality, has one of the hardest work ethics around. His passion and craft legitimately showcases his character. He consistently makes quality and quantity work, and is deserving of so much more. Me knowing him personally, I just know he's going to go somewhere. 

Rapper/Producer/Engineer - Gardenboy


Demarkus Oliphant, was a student of mine that just thrived in each and every one of my Music Business classes. Musicality Productions is the legit and professional industry business for purchasing or licensing music in a highly competitive field. Musicality brings original, authentic and organic music sounds for your creation in today's creative music productions. No more to say than its all “good” in the Musicality hood!

Multi-Talented Musician/Songwriter/Professor - Eric Chun


You can't fit Musicality's workflow into a box! I've collaborated with him on several projects. He's always pulling inspiration from new places and challenging typical ideas. No doubt in my mind that working with him has elevated my producing.

Music Producer/Engineer/Artist - Kaysuave


Musicality always provides some of the best beats I've ever heard. By constantly improving as well as consistently creating new music, Musicality does an outstanding job of keeping me entertained. One of my favorite things about Musicality is the amount of variety in the music created. Nothing ever sounds the same, yet everything still sounds amazing. I even use Musicality's music in my YouTube videos (while giving credit of course). Outside of creating music, Musicality has also proven to be very down to earth as well as supportive to other content creators. If I had to describe Musicality using one word, then it would be "greatness".

YouTube Partner/Twitch Affiliate - DBZenkai


It was an awesome experience working with Musicality. Great communication, great ideas, and always professional. Love what he was able to bring to the table with our collaboration, and hope to do more soon!

Music Producer - Rifti


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